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Leader 1/2 Pint Evaporator Complete
Leader 1/2 Pint Evaporator Complete
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Leader 1/2 Pint Evaporator Complete

Item Number ELBC
Price   $1,370.00/EACH

A complete Leader 1/2 Pint evaporator. This arch measures 24" wide and is 33" long. Comes with a cast iron door and steel legs. The arch is made from 18 gauge galvanized. It has a collar on the back for a standard 6" smoke stack (sold seperate). Comes with the grates. This arch comes in 2 boxes and requires some assembly which takes about 1 hour. It has a 3 section stainless welded syrup pan, and a preheater pan. Firebrick is sold seperate, and it takes 32 full brick, 63 half brick and one pail of cement. You will also need some 6" smoke stack, and an elbow, a 1/2" valve and nipple for the syrup pan, and you may want a 6" dial thermometer. You can now purchase a float system for this evaporator (Part # ELBFS) , but you would not use the preheater then. You can purchase an extension kit to double the length of the evaporator (you would need a second pan), and we stock blower kits for this evaporator (Part # ELBFD). Designed for someone with 15 to 50 taps.