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12" x 20" Grimm Gas Filtration Unit
12" x 20" Grimm Gas Filtration Unit
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12" x 20" Grimm Gas Filtration Unit

Item Number FG12C
Price   $882.00/EACH

A unit for filtering and canning your syrup. This unit comes with a stand that has a burner for heating up syrup, an adjustable shelf for filling different size containers, a stainless 12"x20" pan with a filter rack and a cover. The pan holds approximately 8 gallons to the bottom of the filter rack. With the filter rack you can lay a filter in (FSYN22 and a prefilter FPR22) and pour your syrup in. With the burner underneath you can heat up the syrup if needed for canning. There is a place on the front for a dial thermometer (we recommend a 9" stem) and a 1/2" fitting with female threads for a valve. Valve, thermometer, and filters sold seperate. Operates of a 20# propane tank.